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August 2018.


2018 LABOR DAY WEEKEND TIPS - Even Ratio means 1 or more Females to every 1 Male. - Arrive Early - Labor Day Weekend is the 2nd busiest weekend in Vegas for the entire year. Lines will be huge. Guest Lists will be cut early. Cover prices will be HUGE - but all of that is not a big deal to you, because you will ARRIVE EARLY! - Arrival time for purchased tickets will be listed on your tickets. - Eventbrite is not your Ticket to Entry. It is a reservation / place holder for you to receive the latest details on the event you signed up for. If there is a guest list, the name you used to register will get you in. If its a TICKETS ONLY event, make sure to actually purchase tickets. There will be a promo code for a discount for most of the TICKETS ONLY events. - The sooner