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TAO Beach.

    Information Overview

    TAO Beach.

    OPEN: Thursday – Sunday

    TIME: 11am – 5pm (exact times may slightly change)

    LOCATION: The Venetian Las Vegas – 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd

    TICKETS: $30 – $100

    TABLES: $495+

    DRINK PRICES: $7 – $19

    MUSIC: Hip-Hop

    AGE GROUP: 21+

    Always a Happy Ending

    Venue Details.

    Tao Beach resembles the exotic wilderness desert garden of the Tao lineup. With its own pool space past Tao Restaurant and Tao Nightclub, Tao Beach has a personality all its own – even as it acquires components of club style and offers sustenance choices from the eatery. This is a pool club that qualities its confinement at Venetian, yet at the same time feels open and fascinating to everybody who wanders through.


    For the VIP treatment, you can get one of the cabanas with cooling, level screen TVs, gaming supports, DVDs, WiFi and a minibar. Tao Beach offers staff individuals to care for you and masseuses to enable you to unwind those strained muscles. Also, similar to some sort of cabana Transformer, you can consolidate different units to inpel greater gatherings and bigger gatherings. They will probably not wake up and fight for galactic matchless quality. In the event that they do spring up, they’ll most likely simply party with you.


    Where is TAO Beach located?.

    The Venetian Las Vegas: 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    The Do's and Dont's at TAO

    TAO Beach Dress Code.

    Dress code is strictly enforced to ensure entry. To avoid any problems getting into the pool party it is strongly recommended that everyone comes in pool attire. Men should have swim trunks, and ladies should have a cover up over the bathing suit while on the casino floor. TAO Beach does not allow cargo shorts, athletic shorts, jeans, or jerseys.

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