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    Information Overview


    OPEN: Friday – Sunday

    TIME: 11am – 5pm (exact times may slightly change)

    LOCATION: Hard Rock Hotel – 4455 Paradise Rd

    TICKETS: $30 – $75

    TABLES: $495+

    DRINK PRICES: $9 – $19

    MUSIC: Mixed Music

    AGE GROUP: 21+

    Does Size Matter?

    Venue Details.

    The name is unexpected. We need you to realize that so you don’t show up anticipating that an unwinding spot as an intervention. This Rehab is basically the opposite. Rather than discussing your issues you get free gatherings and genuine resolutions you get heaps of beverages and raising the roof music. To be clear: This isn’t the place for somebody with genuine enslavement issues. Now that is off the beaten path, this is the place for everybody who still can’t seem to acknowledge that they host genuine get-together habit issues.


    The sprawling Paradise Beach complex where Rehab and Hard Rock Hotel’s other pool parties happen is one of the numerous spots we depict as a tropical desert spring. However, this one is somewhat unique in that it’s loaded with huge amounts of insane, magnificent and insane wonderful individual palm trees. The huge fascination, obviously, is the principle pool, where you can remain around and hit the dance floor with a pack of about stripped outsiders who additionally aren’t really swimming. So, let’s be upfront it’s a pool club, not a pool. Despite the fact that, there is a water slide that drops you into a more confined pool region. Also, the bar gives you a chance to escape the sun for a bit while you choose which drink you choose to freshen up with – or exactly what you can stand to attempt since the costs are somewhat more extreme than you may anticipate.


    With regards to the VIP treatment, numerous levels of cabanas are accessible, with various levels of isolation and perspectives of the pool region. You can be right amidst of the craziness or somewhat away, yet at the same time especially adjoining the madness. In any case, that you can’t deal with any a greater amount of indisputably the magnificent sauce that is spilled all finished Rehab, your entrance charge additionally gives you access to Hard Rock’s Nirvana Pool and Breathe Pool, so you can take a tad of a break – then return and gathering more.


    We’re not saying Rehab is some silly, take no detainees, how about we perceive how tanked and dangerous we can get sort of gathering. We’re trying to say that it’s not weak either. It has activity in abundance and several individuals who will likely never utilize “in abundance.” And it’s the place to go when you need a gathering that is possibly a bit excessively exceptional for the Las Vegas Strip yet at the same time sufficiently cool to abandon you fulfilled and wanting another trip to Rehab.


    Where is Rehab located?.

    The entrance to Rehab is located near the entry of the north parking garage structure. Make sure you tell your driver to drop you off at the Rehab entrance instead of the other hotel valets.

    Hard Rock Hotel Address: 4455 Paradise Rd

    The Do's and Dont's at Rehab

    Rehab Dress Code.

    Dress code is strictly enforced to ensure entry. To avoid any problems getting into the pool party it is strongly recommended that everyone comes in pool attire. Men should have swim trunks, and ladies should have a cover up over the bathing suit while on the casino floor. Drais Beach Club does not allow cargo shorts, athletic shorts, jeans, or jerseys.

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