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Intrigue Nightclub.

    Information Overview

    Intrigue Nightclub.

    OPEN: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

    TIME: 10pm – 4am (exact times may slightly change)

    LOCATION: The Wynn – 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd

    TICKETS: $30 – $80

    TABLES: $600+

    DRINK PRICES: $8 – $19

    MUSIC: EDM and Mixed Music

    AGE GROUP: 21+

    Wynn-ing combination

    Venue Details.

    When you think about Vegas nightclubs, I’m sure you think of the massive mega clubs and all the flashy lights with people dancing to the all the major DJs in the world. The new Intrigue nightclub at Wynn wants you to think about nightlife in a totally different way. You won’t find a crowd of people and you probably won’t be listening to the hottest celebrity DJ but instead you’ll be having a much more intimate and luxurious experience with the best service.


    The 14,000-square-foot club, which hosts its grand opening Friday, only holds about 1,200 people and the club will be spinning party music spanning several genres, designed to get you out on the dance floor moving and grooving. Intrigue is intriguing from the moment you step in. To get to the club (which is in the space formerly occupied by Tryst nightclub) you pass a staircase and enter a hallway with white walls that sometimes have images, company logos, photos or different colors projected on them. The club might look completely different each time you visit.


    The end of the hallway opens up onto the main room of the club, which also features white décor and beautiful chandeliers, including a large illuminated fixture hanging over the dance floor. Tables are tiered to maximize views of the DJ and dance floor and there are two bars – one on each side of the room. The tables feature storage drawers (a nice tuck away spot for the ladies with purses) and phone chargers for every type of phone you can think of.


    The main room also offers beautiful views of Intrigue’s outdoor patio. The patio features more tables, another bar and funky chandeliers hanging from the trees. Yes, there are trees outside, as well as a 94-foot-tall cascading waterfall. The waterfall flows into a small pool of water that will feature fountains and pyrotechnics.


    While partying in the main room, Intrigue also has a very swanky private VIP, invite-only room that’s like a club within the club. Adorned in rose gold and white, the private room has its own bar, its own restrooms, a private entrance from Lakeside restaurant, keyed lockers for your valuables and a one-way window. This allows guests to look out over the club without people in the club being able to see in. There’s also a large-screen TV that can show guests in the private room a live feed of what’s going on out in the club’s main room. If you wanted to have your own live DJ music here, that can also be arranged.


    Besides the music and atmosphere, cocktails are one of the most important parts of a club and Intrigue won’t disappoint. You’ll find interesting drinks like the Platinum Donkey – a variation of the mule cocktail – made with Stoli, homemade ginger syrup and topped with Fever Tree sparkling water.


    If that sounds like a spectacle, just wait. There will also be a performance aspect to the nightclub featuring singers, dancers and other surprises. In fact, Mark Shunock was hired as Intrigue’s creative director. He’s an actor and singer known for starring in the Vegas show “Rock of Ages” so he knows exactly how to keep a crowd entertained. Intrigue can also be used for shows like the upcoming Seal concert on May 21st. The concert will take place in the club before it opens for the evening.

    Wynn / Encore

    Where is Intrigue Nightclub located?.

    Wynn Hotel & CasinoAddress: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    The Do's and Dont's at 1OAK

    1OAK Nightclub Dress Code.

    At Intrigue Nightclub fashionable attire required, Dress code is strictly enforced with management discretion. The following articles are prohibited, athletic gear and apparel, shorts, torn or cutoff clothing, sandals athletic shoes, work wear, jordans, timberlands, hats, baggy clothing, chains, offensive prints on clothing, weapons, controlled substances, eye drops, gum, outside food or beverages, liquids, vitamins, supplements, over the counter medication, prescription medication without valid prescription, cameras, go-pros, wearable technology, selfie sticks, the use of vaporizers “vapes”. Any device in use will be confiscated and disposed of by management without compensation, guests noticeably intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance will be denied entry and will not be eligible to receive a refund. All persons, bags and personal items are subject to search. If you remove your shoes you will be immediately escorted out of the venue. We have a zero tolerance policy.

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