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Encore Beach Club.

june 20, 2022 - june 26, 2022

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Information Overview

Encore Beach Club.

OPEN: Friday – Sunday

TIME: 11am – 5pm (exact times may slightly change)

LOCATION: Encore Las Vegas – 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd

TICKETS: $30 – $200

TABLES: $595+

DRINK PRICES: $11 – $23



The Wynn Experience

Venue Details.

This is club that you see when you’re driving or strolling past Encore on Las Vegas Boulevard and you think, “I wonder what it seems to be like in there?” We can assure you that when you get in there you’ll think, “Amazing. I absolutely merit this level of astounding on the grounds that I’m that cool of a man.” OK, we may be somewhat loaded with ourselves, however Encore truly is that spectacular.


The space is encompassed by flawless cabanas with all the extravagance components you’d anticipate from a Wynn property like temperature control units with sirs, galleries in the back with perspectives of the Strip, and cabins with private restrooms. When you’re not in your cushy cabana, bars lay on either side of the club so you never need to stroll far to get a drink. What’s more, with the mindful staff and stellar administration you won’t not need to face get a drink in case you’re willing to pay for bottle benefit or a pail. Furthermore, in case you’re finicky, the alcohol choice is genuinely colossal.


In case you’re into the cool yet at the same time need to chill, you can unwind in lily cushions and parlor seats without ever really abandoning one of the three-layered pools, that are isolated just by walkways and the scaffold in the center, which is absolutely extravagant all alone. It has three silver posts and a round red covering that streams down water in a rain-like stream and to finish it off with sirs on the external ring. Free guidance: Those aren’t stripper posts regardless of how hot you think you are, or what number of beverages you’ve had. On the off chance that your butt harms from tumbling off a not-stripper shaft, or from simply being so bomb throughout the day, rich daybeds encompass the external edges of the pools. With a lot of strolling/moving space makes this outside club the envy of the Las Vegas pool scene.


Reprise has a full nourishment menu at the grille. Easy to get to and simple because of the vicinity to Wynn’s parking structure. In the event that you can manage the cost of a cottage, we say let it all out. It’s essentially similar to having a little loft with a perspective of a pool club and the north piece of the Strip. In the event that you can’t, the club is phenomenal for any participant. You can simply do what we do and tell individuals you have a cabin however you can’t take them there the present moment in light of murmured reasons, at that point gradually leave without looking. There are reliably enough individuals at Encore Beach Club that in the end somebody may trust you.

Wynn / Encore

Where is Encore Beach Club located?.

The entrance to Encore Beach Club can be found in front of the property on Las Vegas Blvd next to the Wynn parking garage. Understand that it get very busy so please arrive early to avoid lines.

Encore Hotel Address: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd

The Do's and Dont's at Encore Beach

Encore Beach Club Dress Code.

Dress code is strictly enforced to ensure entry. To avoid any problems getting into the pool party it is strongly recommended that everyone comes in pool attire. Men should have swim trunks, and ladies should have a cover up over the bathing suit while on the casino floor. Drais Beach Club does not allow cargo shorts, athletic shorts, jeans, or jerseys.

Drais Nightclub

Guest List.


Drais Nightclub

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