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Drais Beach Club.

june 20, 2022 - june 26, 2022

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Information Overview

Drais Beach Club.

OPEN: Friday – Sunday

TIME: 11am – 5pm (exact times may slightly change)

LOCATION: Cromwell Hotel – 3959 S las vegas blvd

TICKETS: $30 – $200

TABLES: $495+

DRINK PRICES: $7 – $19

MUSIC: Mixed Music


Rooftop Beach Club

Venue Details.

Drai’s Beachclub sits 11 stories over the Las Vegas Strip on the housetop of The Cromwell. It’s view is incredible as you are shielded overlooking from the edge in view of tall crystal clear glass – or likely some kind of plastic – dividers. Your visual perceptions are a long way from restricted. Over the long haul, swing back to the pool club itself as you can only imagine that every one of the general population strolling before Caesar’s are simply ants sitting tight from below as you take in the ultimate Vegas experience. You will see the genuine extravagance of Drai’s Beachclub.


The space has huge pools that are somewhat raised so you need to venture into them, which is a pleasant expansion for any individual who’s at any point to keep anything from falling in. What’s more awesome are the palm trees around the pools that simply give enough shade to influence you to feel like you’re swimming it somewhere, thrilling, despite the fact that everybody can thoroughly observe you.


When you’re leasing a cabana, you can go high or low. Take a daybed by the edge to get perspectives of the Strip, or go for the second-level cabanas to look over everyone in the pool. Whichever way you get VIP benefit and an astounding perspective. Also, when you can’t take the sun any longer and need to encounter a cool place, there’s a little bar in one corner that is constantly decent and relaxing.


Drai’s Beachclub, similar to the associated Drai’s Nightclub, gets a all of the best DJs and melodic entertainers on the planet. We won’t start to attempt to show them, however you can simply discover top quality music and shows at Drai’s. Regardless of whether you need to lay out away from anyone else, watch the waters sprinkle or gaze down at the Bellagio Fountains and imagine they’re moving only for your diversion (are we the main megalomaniacal ones who do stuff that way?), Drai’s Beachclub is an outstanding club among the officially mind blowing Drai’s family.


In case you’re remaining at the Cromwell, you’ll even get two free passes for every space to Drai’s Beachclub or Drai’s Nightclub. What’s more, on the off chance that you need to take a dunk in a pool however don’t need the club climate of Drai’s, Cromwell visitors additionally get complimentary access to Flamingo or Caesars Palace pools. Simply demonstrate your room key and appreciate.

Cromwell Rooftop

Where is Drais Beach Club located?.

Drais Beach Club is located in the center of the Cromwell Casino floor. Guest list is located on the left side of the entrance, and table nervation side is located to the right. Signs are posted as well to help guide you to check in. The Cromwell Hotel Address is: 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd

The Do's and Dont's at Drais

Drais Beach Club Dress Code.

Dress code is strictly enforced to ensure entry. To avoid any problems getting into the pool party it is strongly recommended that everyone comes in pool attire. Men should have swim trunks, and ladies should have a cover up over the bathing suit while on the casino floor. Drais Beach Club does not allow cargo shorts, athletic shorts, jeans, or jerseys.

Drais Nightclub

Guest List.


Drais Nightclub

Bottle Service.